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We’re lucky to be in a position where we get to chat to a lot of local biz owners and their team members, and we often end up chatting all about small biz marketing. And, without question, one to the most common things we hear is that they feel Facebook is a waste of their time. They share a post and then… crickets.

Sound familiar? You too? Read on….

So, here is one Facebook fan [me!] suggesting that you take a minute to read this and reconsider your relationship before breaking up with Facebook.

Facebook is a powerful social channel for The Fold Southern Highlands and The Fold Illawarra. We use our Facebook pages to share a specific message in the post, to drive traffic to our website [to read an article, see an event or business listing etc] and to engage and entertain our audience [hello cute pics of dogs]. And despite constant algorithm changes, the pages perform for us by creating engagement and driving traffic to our website. But it’s not by chance. We work really hard at achieving that. The not-so-good news? You’ll have to work hard at it too if we want to see great results.

Consider this….

Facebook is still the longest-standing social media platform with 16,500,000 MONTHLY ACTIVE AUSTRALIAN USERS.

6 in 10 Australians use Facebook and 50% of the country logs onto Facebook at least once a day.

Facebook Demographics in Australia:
13 – 17yrs – 940,000 users
18 – 25yrs – 3,500,000 users
25 – 39yrs – 6,100,000 users
40 – 55yrs –  4,100,000 users
55 – 64yrs – 1,600,000 users
65+ yrs – 1,200,000 users

So, before you ditch it completely, I’m suggesting you give these a try first:

  1. Ask yourself if your [current and future] customers are on Facebook? If so, then stick around and give it another try. If not – perhaps your time could be better spent elsewhere after all.
  2. Make sure you are very clear on who you are trying to reach on Facebook, and know what content will appeal to them. If you are trying to reach various different customer segments, plan out which content will appeal to all of them.
  3. Be clear on what the purpose of your Facebook presence is. Are you trying to make sales? Keep top of mind of potential customers? Share your delicious food? Show your skill set? Knowing what you are trying to achieve will help decide on the success of your results.
  4. Plan and schedule.  Good content engages your audience. And great engagement helps you get better reach. And creating great content takes time. So carve out some time each week to spend some time planning out and creating your content, I’m sure you will see the results.
  5. Engage with your community. It’s important to play an active role as your Facebook page. Great things will happen for your page if you spend time frequently commenting. linking, following and engaging on Facebook as your page.


Good luck! We’d love to hear how your Facebook journey goes… keep us posted!



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